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Mood To Burn Bridges, And Maybe Buildings

Unsurprisingly I didn’t make it to the Turf Club show last night (or to Neko Case’s in-store at the Electric Fetus). Didn’t feel like going solo, and the boys are coming down with something (fingers crossed that it will skip me, but I’m not feeling so hot this morning) so I thought it best to stay in…even if I did stay up way too late re-reading a favorite book and then, when I’d reached the end, I worked on my own novel for a while…and realized I need to learn more about the Ukraine, and Ukrainians, particularly in Chicago. Tonight I will be going to see Neko Case in the main room, to redeem last night’s failure, and because this time I have a ticket, and will actually havbe a companion. Used to be that I didn’t mind going to shows alone, but that was because I’d always run into myriad friends and acquaintances upon arrival. I’m older now and feeling more disconnected.

Oh how I love Neil Gaiman…

After a night’s sleep, I feel sunny and bright and no longer desire to burn down the hotel and dance in the ashes.

Now I’m wanting a good night’s sleep so I can feel as refreshed as he does. I’ll try to pencil one in for, oh, maybe Friday.

Update: My morning commute was all about the path of most resistance. I’ve long known that Highway 94 is the work of the devil, much like Crowley’s handiwork with the M25 in Good Omens, but having that knowledge doesn’t make the drive any less grueling. The sooner we move back to Minneapolis the better. In the mean time I’m getting the feeling I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning…

tickets this way