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Lofty Ambitions Anchored By Diminished Motivations

Because I am tired and feeling weird today, some random little man quotes I have been saving up:

  • I want a robot in my pants. (meaning that he intended to put a robot toy in his pocket before we left the house)
  • You can’t go to work, it’s Spring Break! (it was, for him)
  • But I like to go downstairs when I’m naked.
  • Good monsters live in the light. (that was most random)
  • Is that like big kid daycare? (asking about college- the boy is wise beyond his years)
  • And lastly, one of the strangest things I’ve said recently - “you put that hippo in your mouth right now mister” - referring to his chewable vitamin. He only wants to consume the lions and tigers for some reason.

Initially I had big plans for today, as it was the little man’s first day back to school after Spring Break, and thus my first little man-free day off in a while. But nobody slept well last night, what with the boy’s bed-hopping and the husband’s work pager going off at all hours. I did make it to my first appointment with a personal trainer at the Y this morning (when I told a friend of these plans he looked at me, paused, then asked “who are you?”) and that went well enough. Driving home I was energized, ready to tackle my To Do list with renewed vim and vigor. Then I actually got home. And showered. And crawled back into bed like the sloth-like creature I really am.