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High On The Hassle Factor

Guess I shouldn’t have been worrying about rain over the weekend. It was all about the Monday morning snow. It was absolutely grueling, commencing with a two-hour round trip commute to nowhere, through white-out conditions. I should have just stayed home with the little man, but his school district was one that didn’t shut down. But his school sure did. A crucial piece of information I gleaned over halfway through our journey, when I decided to get fancy and use my cell phone to, you know, actually call the school. Oh the glory of technology. I couldn’t fathom turning right around for a continuation of the white knuckle drive, so we took a much-needed break at Seward Cafe. Thank the heavens they were open. Afterwards I tried to pick up a few groceries at the Seward Co-op, just next door, but they were only selling non-perishable items…as the coolers were mysteriously out of commission. No fresh tofu for you! Back in the car we went, only to get stuck in the damned parking lot. After my blood pressure had skyrocketed I managed to get us out onto the street… and stuck at the first intersection we approached. Stop and go, that is the tempo. Eventually we made it home, safe and sound, but not in the damned driveway (stuck, yet again, and after getting unstuck I had to drive around the block just to get parked in front of the house). It was a three-and-a-half hour ordeal from start to finish. And when we entered our abode we found the husband, just waking up. Bitter? Who, me? At least we got some neat photos out of the morning. View the snow day set here.

Before the blizzard hit we got out and about on Sunday afternoon. The little man had a visit with his bio-dad while the husband and I went to see Tristram Shandy: a Cock and Bull Story. Fucking fantastic, and just what I needed (and amazing that the husband and I were is such agreement as to which movie to see). Afterwards the three of us had dinner together at Evergreen for the first time in ages. The food was marvellous, as usual, but the little man was being a pain in the neck for no apparent reason. Now I’m seeing this defiant streak the school has been speaking of. I’m pleased that he’s coming along, developmentally, but this is a phase I could do without (oh please, let it just be a phase).

There is much too much to be done before we leave for our trip on Friday. I’ve begun using the Backpack web app for my incessant list-making, and that does have a calming effect on me, but I’m still in panic attack mode. I’ll try not to hyperventilate.


snowy front steps