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The Age of Impatience

Simultaneously wanting to fast forward to September (just next week) while panicking that I don’t have enough time. We are moved into our new place. And I love it. But we aren’t completely moved out of the old one. I took a vacation day yesterday. The idea was to clear out more clutter in the old place. I managed one carload before food poisoning struck me down. All my days’ plans had to be scrapped. But I rested in my new bedroom, listening to the rain while reading a good book. That wasn’t so bad. Other positives?

  • We’ve had lovely, cooler than usual weather, perfect for moving and unpacking.
  • Our new kitchen has a dishwasher and garbage disposal. Oh, how I missed both!
  • Our new bathroom has a shower with an amazing shower head. Bliss.
  • We’re much closer to many of our favorite restaurants, people, places, etc.
  • Our new neighborhood is so quiet and peaceful and my bedroom is a beautiful sanctuary.

The cats seem to be settling in nicely. Olive, in particular, has been enjoying all of the open windows to hang out in. We’ve made a few meals here already. We haven’t had a chance to settle in and watch a movie, but soon. I am looking forward to all the new memories we’ll make here. And to not moving again for a very very long time.

Moving Truck

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