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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Watching the Detectives

This morning I received a random but most awesome email, from a staff member at the high school I attended all those years ago:
Dear Ms. Morrow,
It has come our attention through the hard work and dedication of XXXXX that you have in your possession a copy of BASIC ENGLISH REVISITED; A STUDENT HANDBOOK.
Since we [...]

The Demons of Regret

I blame the lingering effects of the cold. I’ve had a migraine much of the day and a regular old headache much of the week, which makes it more challenging to string words together in a meaningful way. But that rarely stops me.
So maybe I shouldn’t have tried to savor series two of Life on [...]

The Force of My Thirst

My body is finally on the mend but my brain has been busy all along. You lot didn’t exactly chime in with the requested distractions…so I had to seek some out on my own. In the case of Thursday that meant discovering Life on Mars, and watching all eight episodes of series one (I’m going [...]

Dancing Behind My Eyelids

C’mon people, I’m still sick. Throw me a bone. Or something. Seeking out my own diversions has been exhausting. Though reading a post by James led me to look up the release date for Control (October 10th, limited) which led to the Landmark site which has finally been reskinned after all these years but [...]

Unfulfilled and Joyless

I’m sick. And tired. And frustrated. And lacking decent distractions. Distract me? Please?

Bonus: Looking forward to the next Coen Brothers film, No Country For Old Men. Opens next month.
Plus: Last night’s second episode of Heroes - season two - was so much better than the first.
And: The little man is still on his Superfriends kick, [...]