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Breathe Two Three

It was glorious to have such a warm, sunny Saturday. But the return of the sun brought with it hordes of Asian lady beetles and box elder bugs. They do usually appear in our neighborhood every October, but the recent gloom had been keeping them at bay. The same gloom that had been killing me. But now there’s an unpleasant pinging sound to contend with, as the stupid bugs fly into my lamp over and over again. It’s totally getting on my nerves. I can’t win.

Speaking of unwinnable battles…the little man is only human, true, but it always throws me for a loop when he gets stuck in an inexplicable funk. Which seems to be happening more often these days. At the most inopportune times. Like today, at his little pal’s birthday party. The lad didn’t snap out of it until it was nearly time to go. I am at a loss.

Thank gawd for friends who appreciate my dorky giggling fits. Last night I was able to get out for a bit with some folks, to see The Darjeeling Limited. And then to stand outside The Uptown afterwards, talking and laughing, made giddy by my temporary freedom. I’m hoping to get out again tomorrow night but the outlook is not so good. And there are, once again, two events to choose from. Friends are opening for Mount Eerie at First Amendment, but The Thermals are playing at the Triple Rock. I love The Thermals. It is an early all ages show, so I could theoretically take the little man along. But at the risk of sending him into a funk, and myself right along with him. Maybe I’ll just hunker down with Heroes instead.


tin man/woman?

Bonus: Cats are deceitful…had the little man cracking up and asking for more.
Plus: This lovely little animated short is fraught with peril and oh so nicely done.
And: The official trailer is now up for Control. So stoked. Sounds like it will be playing in town for just one week, starting November 2nd. I am so there. Anyone care to join me?

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