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Like a Beacon of Light

It was a rough week but I need to quit the kvetching. I’m on the mend (again), I’ve got the internets back (my desktop is still out of commission though, the monitor is fried), and we’re having friends over tomorrow (who will see me dressed as Wonder Woman). So five other good-ish sorts of things:

  • Today I finally partook of Cupcake Saturday, with friends. The little man and I had the vegan chocolate ones with cream filling and skulls. Yum.
  • At work yesterday Meghan and I had mustaches drawn on our fingers. We held our decorated fingers to our faces for photographs. Her mustache is bigger, but that’s because my fingers are smaller. So there.
  • Scrabulous. As always.
  • The trailer for Wristcutters: A Love Story looks good.
  • I’ve got a hot Saturday night ahead of me. Baking pumpkin pies.
miniature sock monkey

Bonus: On the crafty tip, my old friend Jody has started a new blog. Fabricate is off to a good start.
Plus: I am most skeptical about this Star Wars live action series. The last three movies were dreadful (though I did quite like the animated Clone Wars). I think George Lucas should get on with his life. Maybe just sit back, and enjoy MIT’s Star Wars musical.
And: So creepy yet cool… promachoteuthis sulcus. Such lovely tentacles.

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