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Sometimes It Snows In April

Well, I’m getting downright down with all these blizzards. Naturally my mind turns to travel. I came across this “How to live like a Local in Copenhagen, Denmark” post. If only. This time last year Spring had properly sprung in Minnesota. And I was preparing to leave for a few weeks of European adventures. This morning I went through photos from our global company meet-up last May, when it was unseasonably warm in Copenhagen. Somehow I never got around to uploading this batch. We sure have some delightful colleagues.

With this weather I definitely need Five Good Things (or more):

Yesterday I ventured out into the storm before things got too out of control. My brief bus ride to Uptown was straightforward. Enjoyed lunch and drinks with a friend before using MoviePass - for the first time - to see You Were Never Really Here. Joaquin Phoenix gave a solid performance but overall the film was more style than substance. And despite being written and directed by a woman it utterly failed the Bechdel Test. After the movie it took me an hour and a half to get home 20 blocks. Partially via very late city bus and the rest trudging through uncleared sidewalks with knee deep (for me) snowdrifts. And more snow is falling today. Hooray.

sunny by the canal

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