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Window of Opportunity

My son’s final Spring Break of high school was last week. We didn’t venture as far this time, just to Colorado. But we both needed the change of scenery. Tooling around in the mountains in a RAV4 was just the thing. While soaking in some hot springs I was reminded that vacation life is the best life. But I have to endure the daily grind in order to support us, and hustle to scrape together funds for travel. I try to live in the now but my mind often wanders, daydreaming about my next trip. Doesn’t help that I signed up for Thrifty Traveler Premium. Daily emails show me deals I could get on flights to exotic locales. A few months ago they featured round trip airfare from Minneapolis to Budapest for just $390. I didn’t jump on it fast enough and missed the boat (or plane, rather - har). Just yesterday morning they sent out their regular newsletter with airfare deals to Rome for $431 round trip. I went out for my daily lunch walk and thought about Rome in October the entire time, barely paying attention to the podcast I was playing. When I came back in I was determined to grab that deal. Unfortunately within a half hour the flights to Rome had jumped back up to the $900 - $1200 range. Sad trombone.

It doesn’t help that this endless winter will be delivering another blow this weekend. Even our local meteorologists want nothing to do with it. It’s no wonder I’m turning to escapism more than usual, as evidenced by Today’s Five Good Things:

  • I’m so excited about this Andre the Giant documentary. Some day I want to visit his hometown of Grenoble, France and go for a ride in the cable car bubbles.
  • Hayley Kiyoko’s music is poppier than my usual fare but I can’t stop listening to Expectations. It’s SO good. And it helped send me back down the choreography rabbit hole on youtube.
  • Bill Hader’s unhappy hitman, Barry, is just what I needed. I want to hug him.
  • Legion season 2 has begun and is bringing back the beautifully weird to the MCU.
  • I’m curious about the movie Beirut, starring Jon Hamm (who also does narration for Legion season 2). Somehow it was shot with Tangier, Morocco filling in as the titular city. Despite being Lebanese I have yet to make it to Beirut but have visited Tangier.
Split, Croatia

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