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When All You Have Is Not Enough

Food production issues never fail to infuriate me, it seems. What we put into our bodies is so crucial and basic. Why tamper with it, with adolescent science? How is it possible that genetically modified organisms are not labeled? I realize some of this is done in the name of scarcity, with the hope to better provide an abundance of foods for the world’s growing population (but also out of corporate greed). But as the article’s author says, “It’s unlikely that these products’ potential benefits could possibly outweigh their potential for harm.” This is why I’m such a supporter of locally grown organic foods. And would grow my own, if I didn’t have such a black thumb. But there are others out there doing it right. Including the Homegrown Minneapolis Urban Agriculture Program. There are even kitchen facilities in Minneapolis available for local food preparation processing and preservation. Neat.

Five good things for this fine Saturday:

Recently I’ve been talking about international travel with others, even more so than usual. One’s mind turns to wanderlust during a long Minnesotan winter. That reminded me that my passport had expired and my son’s passport was about to (which it did this past Wednesday). I located both passports this morning and intend to renew them in the near-ish future. File this notion under: just in case. Or you never know. Or in the unlikely event of. Right now I need to spend some money on the basics. Including some new clothing for the ever-growing boy. Possibly throwing some more Threadless tees into the mix.

my silly son

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  1. Tim wrote:

    I’m with you on the wanderlust. Upstate New York winters are similar to Minnesota’s, I’d imagine. If more than 6 months goes by without a trip in the near future, I get twitchy.

    Saturday, February 19, 2011 at 5:50 pm | Permalink

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