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When Time and Place Collide

I’m a decisive individual. But lately I’ve felt that my brain is like an attic full of squirrels. Too many unresolved problems, with no simple solutions in sight. So it’s just a skittering mess upstairs. But it’s about time to get out of sad panda mode and just deal with it. Even if there are no easy answers.

Five good things:

  • I’m a huge fan of architectural salvage. Next time I head down to Chicago I plan to stop by Urban Remains, home to vintage American signs and movie palace artifacts.
  • Beyond urban chickens! Fresh Goat Milk, Dead Wood and Dubious Neighbors - “I think we need to relax our cultural walls that relegate agriculture to the country, and that includes small livestock.” San Franciscan Heidi Kooy is raising two Nigerian dwarf goats in her backyard.
  • “Early-1976, aged 18 and still in high school, aspiring artist Tim Burton sent both a letter and copy of his illustrated children’s book - The Giant Zlig - to Walt Disney Productions in the hope that they would publish it. Weeks later, he received a very polite rejection letter from an editor named T. Jeanette Kroger in which she outlined her impressions of his submitted work and offered predominantly positive feedback.” Both letters can be seen here.
  • John Waters cracks up Craig Ferguson with novel Oscar-show suggestions” - oh how I love Mr. Waters.
  • It is often said about my son that he is “higher functioning” but he has still been branded with the label of autism, and it certainly colors how people perceive him. I haven’t seen the documentary Wretches & Jabberers yet, but watching the trailer got me weepy. Two men with autism traveled the globe to change attitudes about disability and intelligence and spread the message that they are “more like you than not.”

The week ahead will be another busy one, culminating in the opening reception for Guttural Visions. Which, by some miracle, I am actually prepared for. See you there?

Accidental Snowtime Groucho

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