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A Prisoner of Hope

Ahh, yet another week that got away from me. And while much of it left me feeling a little frayed around the edges there were some comforting highlights. Like reading Tana French’s In the Woods cover to cover and starting in on her follow-up, The Likeness. And just barely beating some of my Words With Friends opponents. And seeing Retribution Gospel Choir, Peter Wolf Crier and many many friends last night, at The Cedar Cultural Center. Tonight’s A Plans have fallen through, due to the lack of a kid-sitter, but our Plan B is looking pretty good. And tomorrow? WE SLEEP IN. Then maybe sled.

Five good things for Friday:

The bulk of this weekend will be spent focused on getting things done. Gathering my tax documents. Printing photos for the upcoming art show. Working on a web site for my new plumber friend. Working on homework with the boy. But it would be nice to take a break for the MIA’s Bella Naughty event. Lord knows I have enough masks! Oh well. Maybe next year.

trudging through the snow

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