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Last week I limped along, forcing myself to power through while feeling worn out and achey. Like I’d been shoveling for a week straight while an 800-pound gorilla had been punching me in the shoulders repeatedly. No idea why. And I recall having some freaky nightmares, in which I was the bad guy in the middle of a heist (some sort of armed robbery?) so maybe I had to make a dangerous getaway and got into a scuffle. Anyhow, considering we’d been a bit under the weather I made an executive decision. I’d been on the fence about Cat Show vs. Art Sled Rally for Sunday. Rather than tromping around in the cold we hosted the annual brunch at our house and headed to the Cat Show, en masse, more for the people watching than anything, really. But there were some damned cute cats present as well. And we cat napped all afternoon afterward. Getting some rest over the long, pleasant weekend, along with some swimming and sauna time, has me feeling fresh and shiny and new.

But it wasn’t just my body (and house) giving into entropy. My poor old car has been in quite the state. The check engine light has been on for about a year. That I can deal with. But now the brake light won’t go off. And there’s a rattling from the undercarriage, like something crucial is loose. And the suspension is so bad we bounce along on the smoothest of roads. It’s like I have a 1920s bumpkin style jalopy and it’s embarrassing. And probably not so safe either. But it is currently in the shop near my office. And hey, the car loan will be paid off this month! So the piece of crap will be mine, all MINE, while I run it into the ground. As long as I can keep it running. For a little while, at least.

Five good and/or interesting things:

Eep, our art opening is next month already! Thankfully the four shoots I’ve had so far have all yielded excellent results and been ridiculously fun. I may try to squeeze in a couple more. Here are the details: Guttural Visions: Extreme Metal, A Visual Interpretation

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