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Remorse Cocktail

Not long ago I was worried we wouldn’t have anywhere to live but now it would seem we have TOO much housing. I’d thought things were finally lining up for me but…the short sale is likely going to fall through. And we’re moving out next weekend. So what now? No one has any answers for me, good or otherwise. TCF wants $20,000 more, either cash from me or from my buyer, and that’s $20,000 more than I’ve got. My only hope is that they’ll agree to a deed in lieu of foreclosure but I’m not holding my breath. And this whole thing has unfolded at a snail’s pace as it is so I may not know anything more for weeks. I hate not knowing. In the mean time I’ll have to shell out for homeowners insurance & utilities for my unoccupied property. I’d really like to have someone move into it, even if it’s only temporary, but I doubt I can find someone reliable and responsible who would be open to such an arrangement. If you happen to know such a mythical being please do get in touch with me.

At least it’s the weekend! Let me pull together five good things:

I’ve acquired oodles and oodles of moving boxes but really hope I don’t need to use them all. I’d much rather move less. We did get rid of ever so much this past Spring, but it seems like we’ve acquired even more stuff in the interim. So back to purging and packing I go.

Secret Show/Salon in The Lady Cave

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