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The Changing Same

Today is picture day at school. My son’s hair is in that unfortunate in-between stage, growing out from his summer camp shearing. Which means it’s too short to lay flat and is sticking straight up all over the place, like an anime character. I suggested we roll with it and gel it up to make it even spikier but he wasn’t having it. The best I can hope for is that he’s managed to keep his new shirt clean before his turn to sit in front of someone else’s camera (and yes, I find it difficult to fork over money for Lifetouch photos when I am a photographer myself, specializing in children’s portraits). Le sigh.

Five good things:

Taking a brief break from short sale/moving stress to enjoy a (hopefully) good meal tonight at Masu. I haven’t been yet and have heard mixed yet intriguing reviews.

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  1. Lacey wrote:

    I know–we had picture day at school a couple weeks back and I had to fork over nearly $50 to Lifetouch for pictures I haven’t even seen….ugh.

    Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 12:26 pm | Permalink

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