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What the World Is Waiting For

It was a fairly quiet but lovely weekend. Solid foods were consumed. I saw some friends. Ran some errands. Acquired bigger shoes (men’s 8.5?!) for my ever-growing boy. My incredibly thoughtful boyfriend brought over a replacement pumpkin for the one some jerk stole from our front steps. And Halloween costume components were procured. I took my son to the zoo. Nearly went to the Turf Club for the Riot Act Reading Series but opted to stay home, with cats, to read a bad book in bed instead. The weekend brought my stress levels down into the manageable zone but today they are SPIKING again, for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at five good things instead, shall we?

We move in less than two weeks and I have yet to start packing, in earnest. Though I have been having dreams about packing tape and measuring tapes and metric to standard US conversions and nightmares that none of our furniture will fit quite right in our new place and my brain just needs to settle down and shut up already. Yeah.


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