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Sometimes the Runner Stumbles

It was another of those weeks that steam-rolled right over me. Exhausting and discouraging. Stayed in nearly every night and went to bed early but wasn’t as productive as I would have liked. And I found out I shot myself in the foot regarding my property tax refund. I filed in April. I requested direct deposit to my checking account. My TCF checking account. That I closed not long ago. TCF snatched up the money and won’t give it back. Bye bye $500! On a related note…I’ve managed to switch most of my auto pay bills to my new checking account. But not all. Every time I’ve tried calling my trash company the wait times have been excessive and I think “I’ll try again later.” Only I never got through. And my bill was overdue. And yesterday I came home to find my trash bin had been taken away. Groan.

Some items of interest:

On a happy note, Trollhunter was pretty much perfect. And I’m so glad we saw it on the big screen at the Riverview (yeah, it’s available via Netflix Instant but that just isn’t the same). Also happy-making? Last night I received confirmation from the current tenants in the duplex we’re moving into. They will be out by November 1st so I can go ahead and reserve a moving truck. Thankfully my wonderful boyfriend has volunteered to assist with the move. Now to beg other friends. And to start packing, in earnest. And to squeeze in Halloween fun for the boy and I (I haven’t pulled our costumes together yet or purchased carving pumpkins). Always so much on my plate.

Pizza by the Pond at Lovetree Farm

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