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All My Hate and My Hexes Are for You

This is the week that keeps on giving. Unfortunately it keeps on giving me grief. This morning I gracelessly up-arrowed one too many times and executed a command to delete something I had intended to copy. Which is both beyond my power and not at all trivial to restore. Instead I’ve frittered away someone else’s bandwidth to fix my fuck-up and have been on a downward shame spiral all day. Also? Yesterday I had to send in my Canon 5d body for repair. I’ll be clenching my teeth until I hear the estimate. And my pre-teen son’s feet suddenly started stinking to high hell. Hopefully throwing his sandals in the washing machine last night improved matters. And today I received a notice from the department of revenue about some debt collector wanting to garnish my wages (thankully just to the tune of $76, but still). And even though I’m moving soon I had to switch trash companies due to stunningly poor customer service. And thanks to a shitty contract I signed with my home security company, it looks like I’m on the hook for another 20 months even though I will no longer own a home to secure…unless another homeowner wants to assume my contract. But maybe I will continue to be a homeowner for a while, as the not-so-aptly named short sale DRAGS ON.

Let’s roll with five good things that might cheer me (and you) up.

Tonight I could go to the Turf Club, to see the Dum Dum Girls (as stylish as they are talented!) with Crocodiles, or off with the boyfriend to see Drive. But I’m not quite sure what I’ve got left in me. It could very well be just another early-to-bed night, with books. While hoping for a brighter tomorrow.


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