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Hazy, Lazy Sun

It’s been a very long week. Thankfully it will be followed by a long weekend. The good word just came down from management…that the office will be officially shutting down at 3pm today. Then we’re off until Tuesday morning. Good thing too. I could really use a break. And I’m going to need a fair amount of time to play with my new toy. That’s right, today was payday. Naturally I rushed right on over to pick up my new camera. Over the years I’ve purchased many items online, but I’m glad I opted not to for something like this. My friend who works at the camera store tended to me with the kind of customer service you just can’t get online. Like attaching the camera and lens cap straps. Then giving me a walk through of the camera’s features. And the promise to help me out, in person, if/when I have more questions. Sweet. Now I’m equipped to capture pictures and video at the little man’s upcoming birthday party. Unfortunately I’m going to be scraping by (financially) until the next pay day, which is another two weeks from now. So I’ll have to learn to exercise more self-restraint for a while. No more evil ebay. No more impulse shopping/splurging on new comics, books, music, shoes, etc. But it will be totally worth it. Soon I will post some pictures to prove it.