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Eliminate The Negative

It’s the little things, really. Sometimes they take you by surprise. And can help lift you out of a foul mood. Instead of kicking me when I’m down, my bank did something shockingly fair. The other day I decided I simply must have that camera I’ve been drooling over. But I’m no Ms. Moneybags…so to make that happen I realized I’d have to put it on layaway. And soon, if I I’m to get it in time for the little man’s birthday party. Went down to the local camera store, where an old friend of mine works (their price was the same as all the online stores). We were so busy catching up and gossiping, that he inadvertently charged the full amount to my checkcard. An amount which I did not have in my account. Doh. He quickly reversed it, and we continued our conversation. But then the next day. Ugh. My account showed a balance of -$275. Ouch. I thought it might take another to day to process. So I waited. Checked again. Still negative. Went down to a branch office on my lunch hour yesterday to clear it up. The “customer service” rep I dealt with was extremely rude.
Me: Will this accidental transaction result in extra bank fees charged to my account?
Her: It could happen.
Me: Umm, when will I find out?
Her: It might not show up in the system until tomorrow. Or Monday. (seeming more disinterested in this discussion by the second)
Me: Well, if I am charged, could the bank fees be dropped?
Her: No. (rather unpleasantly)
Me: But it wasn’t my fault. (pleading)
Her: Well make the retailer cover it. (replying with a snort)
I left thoroughly frustrated. And unable to withdraw any cash. Couldn’t go grocery shopping or fill up my gas tank. Or buy chocolates, which was probably for the best. But I had to borrow two dollars from a coworker, just so I could take my son to the Children’s Museum last night (to cover the parking fee). This morning I logged in to check my account…to see what the damage was. To my delight I discovered a positive balance. With no charges having been incurred. Phew. And this little fiasco helped take my mind off of bigger issues faced this week.