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Monthly Archives: May 2004

Goofy And Easygoing

Some silliness this morning, because I didn’t get enough sleep (stayed up too late watching Starsky & Hutch with the husband…when I’d intended to stay up late doing something more productive). So here’s the deal. Use bands (ones you love, hate or are indifferent to) to spell out your name. It’s simple and fun.

SlowdiveHeavenlyAllReplacementsYo [...]

It Embodies The Heavy Thudding Of A Heart In Love

Somewhere back there my life took a strange turn, sending me on a detour from lalaland to the land of adulthood. I clearly remember the days of ogling items in every aisle at the (now defunct) Children’s Palace toy store. And the palpable disappointment at leaving feeling unfulfilled, with my parents having tried to [...]

Just Your Presence Was Present Enough

You’d think we’d learn, but you’d be wrong. Two weekends in a row we’ve had incidents with over-priced and short-lived balloons…each at parades. At May Day it was Zophia who purchased said item for the little man. He was so over-excited he couldn’t stop beating people with it. That is, until it popped on [...]

Fabio’s Famous Birdface Incident

I generally have nothing against our feathered friends, but this morning I’m holding a grudge. The weather’s been warming up so I slept with the window open last night. Round about 4am I was rudely awoken by the incessant chirping and twittering of some chicks on speed (one bird has mistaken our house for [...]

Avoid Strange Women And Temporary Variables

Yesterday’s weather was erratic, as it often is here. When it was time to leave for work it was raining, so I took the bus there. When it was time to leave work it was gorgeous out, all sunshine and in the seventies. But, having donned inappropriate footwear for a walk home, I found [...]

New Habits Get You Into Trouble

I do want to live more and consume less, but there are certain categories of consumer goods I can’t help but covet. The latest: accessories for my digital SLR. As I’ve gotten more serious about my favorite hobby (not parenting…that isn’t a hobby, per se, it’s more of a lifestyle choice) I’ve grown more [...]

Old Habits Die Hard

Some things never change. The little man’s paternal grandmother decided to take him Friday night, giving the husband and I the night off. So what did we do with our impromptu date night? Dinner and a movie (though my first choice would have been this movie). Saturday morning the house was eerily quiet in [...]

Blue Cats And Chartreuse Kittens

My brain works in mysterious ways. I frequently get phrases stuck in my head, but often fail to remember where they originated. It could be a song lyric or an album title, a line read in a book, the news or weather headlines, or blurbs from other bloggers’ about pages. When my synapses spark [...]