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New Habits Get You Into Trouble

I do want to live more and consume less, but there are certain categories of consumer goods I can’t help but covet. The latest: accessories for my digital SLR. As I’ve gotten more serious about my favorite hobby (not parenting…that isn’t a hobby, per se, it’s more of a lifestyle choice) I’ve grown more frustrated by my camera’s limitations. The human over at Making Happy has an entire arsenal of cameras to choose from, as do other fave photographers…like Heather Champ, Rachel and Tracey. Sadly I can’t afford to acquire additional cameras at this time, but I’m hoping to pick up a few lens filters (and possibly lenses) that could make it look like I have. Unfortunately lensbaby only offers a Canon or Nikon body mount (I’ve got an Olympus). But there are others. First I have to pick up a lens adapter, then narrow it down…to the accessories I’d get the most use out of. But there are so many to choose from. The standard skylight filter, various polarizers, high definition filters, super macro, wide angle and telephoto lenses. It’s all a bit overwhelming. But it’s funny that it was the husband, of all people, who started me down the path of camera accessorizing…when he picked up this adorable mini tripod for me. And my birthday isn’t even until next month.