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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark

Sigur Rós helped soothe my jangled nerves. Enjoying a lovely meal with friends at Solera (next door to the venue) before the show helped a great deal as well. Later, on the drive home, I was thinking about the evening. And Chuck posted my very thoughts, about music and Spirituality, before my sleepy brain could [...]

When Everything’s Gone Pear-Shaped

It was one freaking lousy weekend, made worse by the fact that the weather was so totally perfect…and so many other people were out having a spectacular time. But not us. Lately my life feels like a Choose Your Own Adventure story gone horribly wrong. Not going to go into it, but I’m particularly frustrated [...]

The Drama of Inevitable Dysfunction

This past week a number of folks pointed out a site that really struck a nerve for me…The Saddest Thing I Own. I couldn’t get it off my mind. I’ve always been a sentimental packrat, and have hung on to too many articles that could claim that title. So of course I submitted a post [...]

The Perils of Growing Up Weird

Over the last seven years I’ve been doing my own unscientific research into the nature vs. nurture debate…with the little man as my test subject. Preliminary results indicate that nurture is coming into play in our household. The lad has been adopting many of his step-father’s ways. First it was the burgeoning preference for hermitude, [...]

Are We Killing Time?

Still sick, but being sick is still boring, so enjoy a random list of less boring topics.

Tonight is the premiere of the Prairie Home Companion movie, but not in Hollywood. It’s in my own backyard…at the Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul. There’s going to be all kinds of fuss, including a parade, with the [...]

Sleeping to Pass the Time

Yeah, I could bitch bitch bitch about how sick I am and how much it sucks, but instead I’m going to try to go all glass-half-full on your asses. Borrowing a trick from LaLa, I give you Five Good Things:

This morning I got the little man to the bus stop on time (two days in [...]

Striking a Balance Between Fast and Slow

Yesterday I skipped out on the scheduled flickr photowalk because the little man’s been sick, and it was raining (some others, far more intrepid than I, made it out there). But by afternoon we were feeling a little antsy. I managed to take the lad to the last childish selection in the M-SPIFF (excellent [...]