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Themes Of Family, Death, Divinity And Identity

People of my generation are technically adults, and have been for some time, but it seems like so many of us don’t feel very grown-up. My real-life and internet friends face the same dilemmas. What do we want to be when we grow up? Are we spreading ourselves too thin, and not focusing on what would best suit us? And what the heck would suit us best anyhow? Earlier I was just screwing around and stumbled on this page about metadata and controlled vocabularies. And it excited me. I love working with the web, but have always wanted to be a librarian. Desperately. Some intersection of the web and library science seems like it would be the perfect match. But I need a master’s degree for that field, and I never even finished my undergrad. So I’d need to go back to school. For years and years. And now doesn’t seem like the time to be doing that. We’ve only just gotten back on our feet financially, and we don’t know whether or not our little family will ever be getting any bigger. But after two pregnancies resulting in dead babies, should we call it a day, and get used to the idea of the little man being an only child? Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Today marks just two weeks since I returned home from the hospital. And so far I’ve only left the house once…to go to the funeral home. For now I should probably concentrate on healing and being the best mom to the little man that I can be. And then just take it one day at a time. But these big questions are going to need answers one of these days.
Bonus: Beautiful procrastination…trees in my dreams.
Plus: Just read about an upcoming Uma Thurman/Luke Wilson movie: My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Entertaining premise. We’ll have to see about the execution.