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The World Behind The World

Our microwave just died, and the husband has long despised our dishwasher (I’ll admit, it does a seriously sucky job of half-assedly cleaning the dishes), so he’s researched replacements in Consumer Reports, and is in acquisition mode. So exciting, the life and times of our little family. In other news, I was just researching requirements - for the little man’s passport application. Turns out we’re going to have a hoop to jump through there. The husband never legally adopted the little man. We get along fairly well with the little man’s bio-dad, so we’ve never been to court for any reason. But we either need a court order proving I have sole custody of my son, or have bio-dad head down to the passport office with us (or fill out a consent form and have it notarized). The latter wouldn’t be a problem, except the man is in New Zealand until next month. Looks like we’ll just have to wait for his return, and then have the application process expedited, so we can have the passport in hand before our planned trip in March. Speaking of which…we haven’t finalized our plans just yet, but should shortly. We’re still considering Reykjavik as our destination hotspot, but would be open to other suggestions. Any ideas? Our guidelines are that it should be somewhere that is: 1) relatively vegan-friendly 2) relatively kid-friendly and 3) can be reached via a direct flight from Minneapolis in under eight hours. Oh, and the husband wouldn’t mind going somewhere warm. Please let me know. This means you, loyal reader.