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Hard To Listen To And Very Abrasive

How about another helping of random links and factoids? Here we go.

First off, the server that hosts this site was down for most of yesterday, due to a bad hard drive. It’s back now, but nearly all of my email is missing. I’m especially upset about losing recent messages from friends and kind readers, ones that I hadn’t gotten around to replying to just yet. This sucks.

The husband and I both have a love of hardcore punk rawk that goes way back. But I recently admitted to him that I hadn’t heard of the band Amebix (among the first crust punk bands) until we hooked up. He shook his head sadly, sighed, and informed me that I am uncultured.

I’ve been making far too many non-essential purchases in the wee small hours of the morning, when the insomnia kicks in. Still, I’m pleased as punch to have finally acquired the Freaks and Geeks box set, even if it isn’t the fancypants edition.

The tylenol with codeine messes me up nearly as much as the morphine did (percocet was far more pleasant), so I’ve opted to not take it. I am now living entirely painkiller-free. Can’t say that I’m loving it though.

Not sure what to make of Nabaztag. The device is vaguely…alarming. Anya would surely be frightened by it.

I make many discoveries with my frequent flickr-surfing. Some are more pleasant than others. Some of the good ones…

Ryanne used to work on a PBS children’s program called Zoom! Yesterday I came across a music video parodying the show. One about pi… with wizards and a robot!

Sometimes I can be seriously immature. Someone sent me a link to this article with the subject line Ass-tronauts! and yes, I thought it was funny (you have to read through some of the quotes. Crazy stuff).

And lastly, these prints are amazing. I would fill my house with them if I could.

I’m sure I’ve got more I could throw at yawl, but I think I’ve done enough damage for now.