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A World That Worked On Story Logic

Yes, I am very thankful. Especially thankful for the impending four-day weekend. And kinda looking forward to Black Friday, only because Buy Nothing Day is a good excuse to stay home and catch up on cleaning and letter-writing and mix CD making and reading and relaxing. Some randomness:

  • My co-worker Rett was interviewed for All Things Considered…because of his fantabulous collaborative project,
  • This Monsterpiece Theater clip, Twin Beaks, is hilarious. And seemingly intended more for parents than Sesame Street’s usual target audience.
  • After work today I took the little man to see Enchanted. I waited until I’d seen it to read Ebert’s three star take on it. My favorite line from from the review - “from the lily pads of hope to the manhole covers of actuality”
  • Tomorrow we may be eating mock unicorn. Hey fake meat, why not a fake animal?
a smiling John Grider

Bonus: Japanese guys playing soccer with binoculars on.
Plus: I would like to meet a bean curd person of high skill.
And: The Post Punk Kitchen made it on to the Splendid Table, to talk about vegan Thanksgivings. Yay!

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