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An Ecstatic Experience

Watching as others get out of control drunk only makes me glad I don’t imbibe. I pull enough bonehead moves as it is, without adding alcohol to the equation. But even though I don’t drink, I’m amused that my Thanksgiving hosts have ensured there will be vegan-friendly white russians on the menu.

So. The weekend. It was a blur of weekend-y awesomeness, with only a few rough spots. Glossing over those…first-rate times were had at the lunch show, the evening show, an after party/dance party, Triple Rock brunch and with the gift of a vegan pumpkin pie. I totally needed a break from active parenting mode - the boy stayed over at his Dad’s - but it was also good to get him back. And I’m thankful to have an amazing group of friends who appreciate my son. They even put up with his unabashed pan-handling at brunch, in his quest for money with which to play billiards. But he’ll pay them back, honest. When he’s a big time pool shark.

I finally met Emily

Bonus: Hoping to take the lad to A Year With Frog and Toad at the Children’s Theater, but it’s so danged spendy. I would take my chances and hit the rush line…but if we went down to the theater, waited in line, and didn’t get tickets? The kid would be both confused and devastated. I might suck it up and just buy us some tickets instead.
Plus: I’ve been thinking about getting a new couch, but xkcd makes a compelling argument for an alternative. How about a ball pit instead of a couch?
Another reason I love the interwebs. Sigh.

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