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Raw-Throated but High-Minded

Last night I made a solo run to the co-op. This morning, when the little man walked in to the kitchen, he saw one of the items I had restocked and squealed “Yay! More wheat germ!” Only at my house folks. Not that I’m complaining…

So, another crazy-busy weekend is just around the bend. Tomorrow night we’re going to have birthday party #2 for the little man, with the husband’s family. And Sunday we’ll have #3 with my family. And Saturday, well, I’m stepping out again. I have at least four events to choose from - an art reception thingie, a couple of parties hosted by friends, and The Thermals are playing at First Avenue. I am as insane as ever and want do it all. We shall see.

plastic giraffe 2/2

Bonus: This year the little man’s Halloween costume choice has been up in the air. First he wanted to be Luke Skywalker. Then it was Obi Wan. But he’s currently sticking to his guns on the selection of Boba Fett. I kinda hope he changes his fickle little mind again. And soon. The only kid’s costume I’ve found has 10 bids so far, five more days until auction’s end, and is already up over $60. Dressing up as a jedi would be so much easier (and cheaper).
Plus: Sex Toy or Baby Toy? I only scored 8/15. It’s a frighteningly fine line between the two, as though product designers in one field frequently switch over to the other.
And: The husband’s latest purchase was delivered this afternoon. Okami, for PS2. He may not resurface for a while. But we’ll probably see him for a bit…just before the Nintendo Wii is released.

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