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Monthly Archives: September 2006

And the Superior Temporal Sulcus Lit Up

Last week left me in need of diversions. Thankfully the weekend has been a pleasantly diverting one…

Friday night I hooked up with my peeps at the Walker, to catch the Diane Arbus exhibit before it closes (today).
Afterwards I met up with Maria, who was in town for a family wedding. She hosted a gaming party [...]

Mad for Sadness

At the beginning of the week I didn’t anticipate having any funerals to attend, then suddenly I had two to choose from. Two women, both far too young, each lost their battles with ongoing illnesses. First I found out about Steph. I hadn’t seen her in years. And I’d known her older brother better than [...]

Personal Pressure Release Valve

Still coming to terms with the idea that I can’t do it all. I have neither the time nor the motivation (but I would like to refrain from being so constantly disappointed in myself). In the last week I’ve missed: The Clientele show, family day at the Walker, Cat Power at The Varsity, the chance [...]