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Masters of Self Destruction

My son’s school was closed Thursday and Friday for MEA. We look forward to this long weekend every October. I usually take advantage of it by taking him up North (more photos to come). Last year we went up to Madeline Island and it was absolutely lovely. This time we returned to Biwabik, where we spent Spring Break earlier this year. But this trip didn’t go as smoothly. It was annoyingly stressful with poor weather and culminated in the boyfriend slicing his finger open on a kitchen knife while washing dishes. We made a pit stop at a hospital in Duluth on the way home where he received stitches and a splint. Poor guy.

Speaking of knives…Incredible Ballerina Performs En Pointe with Knife Shoes - this was terrifying and hard for me to watch. But also wow.

Now for five more interesting things:

End of October snuck up on me. I still haven’t gotten all of our Halloween decorations hung up. There will be so many parties this weekend. And it is the 20th anniversary of the Barebones Halloween Show. Hoping I can make it to one of the performances this year but my busy-busy schedule isn’t going to slow down for a couple more weeks yet. I’ve got two more Saturdays of weddings to shoot, and a few more family portrait sessions. Looking back this may be the year where I didn’t say no often enough. I’m feeling a bit overextended. But the long winters are pretty quiet when it comes to paid photo gigs. It will be time to hibernate soon enough.


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