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Love At First Bite

That last Wednesday’s screening of Dracula in a cemetery was rained out was a sadness. But it will be attempted again tonight and it’s looking like blue skies. Or clear skies, at any rate (it is getting darker earlier and needs to be darkish before we can watch the movie outside, of course). The weather is impossibly gorgeous. Now. Last weekend it was wild and windy and rainy and changed about every 10 minutes. Naturally I had several family photo portrait sessions booked. But we managed. There were a few lucky windows of opportunity and indoor locations to fall back on. But now that it is distractingly lovely out I have hundreds of photos to edit.

Speaking of Dracula, I had no idea NBC is launching a new series based on the Dark Prince. And starring Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers (dude seriously needs to shave off his skeezy facial hair). And in it he’s employing an American accent. After viewing the trailer I was left with a whole lot of whaaaaat? But I’m sure I’ll watch it anyhow. An equally ludicrous looking Frankenstein movie is coming next year too, from the makers of Underworld. And starring actor Aaron Eckhart as the immortal undead action hero. What the hell is going on in Tinsel Town?

Five items of note:

  • Our partial government shutdown is pissing me off. Our elected representatives are clearly not doing their job. And info like this doesn’t help my opinion of them. Where Poor and Uninsured Americans Live: “The 26 Republican-dominated states not participating in an expansion of Medicaid are home to a disproportionate share of the nation’s poorest uninsured residents. Eight million will be stranded without insurance.”
  • This is purely ridiculous. The Snottiest, Snoggiest Jesus and Mary Chain Interview Ever, 1986 And I *still* regret giving them my money for their awful reunion show last year.
  • Thankfully this is a smile-inducing thing. Watch Bill Nye dressed like a robot dancing to Daft Punk. As is this: Norwegian TV Station to Air Five Straight Hours of Competitive Knitting
  • Also good, the Unseen Photo Fair: Unseen is an international photography fair focused on undiscovered photography talent and unseen work by established photographers.
  • I’ve read about this group of feminist Ukrainian protestors before, called FEMEN. And yes, as a feminist I do believe there’s plenty of injustice to protest in this world. Too much, really. It’s overwhelming. But somehow I doubt storming the catwalks of Paris is going to accomplish much. Other than annoying a small group of fashion designers and fashion lovers and making a momentary blip in the media coverage. But it did lead to me reading this interesting write-up:

    If you really want to make a clear statement about issues in the industry, you need to pick up the tools being used against women and work with them constructively. This is precisely what Rick Owens did at his Paris fashion week show, when he decided to design for – and present his collection with – a team of athletes from across the US. Futuristic sportswear in black, white and tan did not hang off teenagers, but was worn by healthy, powerful and ethnically diverse women, working together in performance.

    You’ve got to make change from within. Far more effective and powerful that way. In that same vein, Forget the Shame, This Store Uses Body Pride to Sell Its Clothes: A U.K.-based department store forgoes the professional model types to show their clothing on everyday people. More of that, please.

That was a particularly random roundup. So I’ll add this tidbit to the mix. A friend who was adopted recently ordered a DNA “health and ancestry” test via 23andme. My Dad was adopted and I would like to know more about where we come from. Hoping I can talk him into getting tested with me.

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