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Happiness is Moments

We had another fine (and busy) weekend. A goodbye party with karaoke, a backyard fire, a Fall farm festival with friends, brunch, a visit with my Dad, a backyard BBQ with music. And I’ve been keeping the good mojo going into this week. After years of on-and-off YWCA membership we made the switch to the YMCA. The former was great for my son when he was young but they haven’t got much of interest for his teenage self. And the YWCA membership was only good at three locations. The YMCA gets us in to 21 metro locations. Many of which have “teen centers” and indoor badminton and racquet ball courts. One of the locations is within walking/biking distance of our place. I surprised myself by agreeing to meet with a personal trainer. At 7am MONDAY morning. I even biked over pre-sunrise, with my bike lights on. I need someone else to push me to get into a regular strength training routine so I’ve agreed to meet with him three more Monday mornings. Oof.

Five more good things for this Wednesday:

  • These Simpsonized drawings of Game of Thrones characters made me very happy. Until I realized that season four doesn’t kick off until Spring 2014. Groan. At least I’ve got a friend who wants to dress up as Daenerys Targaryen for Halloween (with her little dog in a dragon costume). That will help tide me over.
  • Bunge could become climbing gym: A Carlson student hopes to convert the abandoned grain elevator.
  • I don’t know what to make of this beautiful woman who is trying to get her boyfriend to give her an engagement ring, essentially buying his love with 300 delicious sandwiches. It is baffling. I cook for my boyfriend because I love to cook, and he enjoys my food. I’m not trying to get anything out of it other than the simple satisfaction of feeding someone I love. I am, however, amused by this woman’s take on it: Ordering 300 Sandwiches
  • I am so lucky to love where I work and to be able to maintain a sane work/life balance (particularly important as a single parent). But in the earlier days of my career there were times when it wasn’t all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. So I can totally relate to this: Chicago Native Quits Job In Spectacular Fashion
  • I have so much love for Tig Notaro. And every time her name comes up it seems to be in conjunction with something that makes me appreciate her even more. Like her Rookie Mag feature: Ask A Grown Woman. So rad.

My inner goth girl is geeking out over this. “Take-Up and All-Star Video are proud to present George Melford’s classic Spanish Language Dracula (1931, HD), that some argue is the better film, as a benefit for the beautiful and historic Pioneers and Soldiers Cemetery (2925 Cedar Avenue). Presented in Spanish with English subtitles.” Tonight! Hoping the rain holds off for this. I even have the hair to match the mood now. You can’t totally tell from the below photo but I just had my hair cut asymmetrical style, the way I had it in the late 80s/early 90s. Yeah I am 40 going on 15.

New hair that looks like my old hair from the 11th grade>

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