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The Role of the Unexpected

It was an emotional roller coaster of a weekend. Highs and lows all around. Situations that should be easy-peasy were oddly difficult while ones that had me anxiety-ridden and overthinking wound up being smooth like butter. Really really smooth butter. Life is funny like that.

Five good things:

  • This makes me SO happy: A collection of vintage bromide cards showing various pachimon (imitation creatures based loosely on famous TV and movie monsters) at iconic locations around the world. Published by Yokopro in the 1970s.
  • Also amazing? Tokyo Flashback - Vintage Design and Illustration from Japan.
  • Love this: Stuff No One Told Me (But I Learned Anyway)
  • We already adore Talking Carl (we have all the iPhone apps) but now he can be worn. It is the natural progression of things, I suppose.
  • Well, this is one way to come up with some cash for Soo VAC gallery..the Soo Loo Fundraiser - see yourself on our bathroom wall.

Errands were also run. Toy Story 3 was seen. A summer camp open house was attended (first full day is tomorrow). And the boyfriend met my family and bonded with them over a fine meal, and my Dad’s underground comics. Not too shabby. But I am hoping for an all around better and more even-keeled week ahead. With many celebrations of the anniversary of my birth.


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