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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Tension of the Mind

I hate the cover of the book I’m currently reading. There’s a dude on it - well, there are two dudes on it, really - but the one that is just a disembodied glowing head looks alarmingly like Professor X. And he looks seriously peeved. Probably because he can read my mind and all. And [...]

Distorted in the Execution

It’s like I’ve lost my voice. All these thoughts are rolling around my busy brain, but nothing is bubbling to the surface. I can’t even blame it on NaNo. So far I’ve written maybe 500 words in five days rather than 2000/day (though I do like the direction this new story is taking me). I [...]

Thirty Days and Nights of Literary Abandon?

Wow, November first. Not just All Saints Day. Today is significant for other reasons as well.

The little man slept in this morning, after his exciting yet exhausting introduction to the world of trick or treating. His enthusiasm was inspiring and his projection was top notch (he was practically shouting TRICK OR TREAT). And the lad [...]