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More is Never Enough

It’s easy to tell the holiday season is upon us. For one thing, we’ve been inundated with catalogs in the mail lately. Many for places and things I’ve never heard of. Who knows how we wound up on these mailing lists, but I feel guilty about all the dead trees (at least we recycle). Today I was alarmed not just by the sheer volume of mail, but also by the thud of something heavy falling through the mail slot to the porch floor. When I went to investigate I found it was a very large catalog, for things I do know about and really do want, but shouldn’t be spending money on. It was the B&H Photo and Video catalog. This only added fuel to the fire of my internal debate…new lens(es) vs. new couch. Unfortunately I can’t have it all, despite what those lousy catalog pushers seem to think.

beaten up looking windows, with barbed wire

Bonus: I know, I know…I need to Rise Above It, as the Zenta says (and Black Flag too).

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