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The War of the Dreaming

Thanksgiving was pleasant enough. A nice visit with my folks early on, followed by the annual vegan potluck in the evening. But I didn’t quite have my fill. There was a distinct lack of mashed potatoes and gravy at said potluck (the only gravy to be had was in the tofu/veggie pot pie). So today J and I whipped some up, along with batter fried seitan. Looks like we did the same thing after Thanksgiving last year. Sadly I didn’t have any cranberry sauce this time around.

Other than that, we’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing. And that’s all right. I’m still in my pajamas, though I’ve done a few loads of laundry. And the little man did play out in the backyard for a bit. I’ve also been picking out paint colors for tomorrow. This weekend I intend to make good on my plan…to finally paint the living room. I’m leaning towards Appletini. Or Pepper Grass. Or maybe even Caterpillar. Now it’s time to get back to the extreme lounging. I could start reading the sequel to the book I just finished. Or get sucked into watching LoTR, on J’s fancy new monitor.

homemade mock pork

Bonus: My NetNewsWire trial ran out yesterday and I’m debating whether or not to purchase it. I can’t do it today, because it’s Buy Nothing Day. Oh well.


  1. ana wrote:

    did you ever try ?
    when my netnewswire trial expired, i changed to google - and so far so good. export your feeds, import them on google and give it a go for a few days!

    a big hug from a quiet reader in portugal,


    Friday, November 24, 2006 at 4:29 pm | Permalink
  2. Great to hear from you Ana! I’ll check out the google reader…and some day I’ll have to check out Portugal. Sigh.

    Sunday, November 26, 2006 at 10:51 pm | Permalink

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