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Like Sands Through the Hourglass

Some excellent times this weekend were offset by too many heart-in-my-throat anxiety attacks. Lately the big life issues have been looming large. Like this morning, when the little man casually declared “both of our brothers are dead.” I replied, “yes honey, yes they are. And that is sad.” He chewed on that thought for a moment before announcing “I’d like to have a new brother.” Wasn’t quite sure what to say to that. I’m pretty certain my baby-making days are over, but I’m not going to be so blunt with the lad. I fear this could turn into an excuse to adopt another cat, but not until after the oh-so-allergic husband moves out. Speaking of which, I guess I should really go back to calling him J…

So the weekend wasn’t all bad. Between panic attacks J and I managed to get an evening out. I swear, we’ve been getting along a lot better since we decided to split up. Anyhow, our favorite Indian restaurant, Udupi, was shut down a while back. Then it was sold and eventually renamed. It’s not the same at all now. But a new vegetarian Indian restaurant has opened up in the same area. And it is oh so creatively named The Vegetarian. But it was pretty good. I’ll be going back to sample other dishes. After dinner we went on to see The Prestige (and arrived at the theater early enough to get in two rounds of air hockey beforehand). We’d both read the book a few years ago and, from what I recall of it, the film adaptation was fairly faithful. And it managed to keep me awake past midnight. That’s saying something considering how dead tired I’ve been.

Saturday’s highlights included brunch with the in-laws, some afternoon napping, housecleaning, and then, the best thing ever - taking my Dad to a MN RollerGirls bout. What a blast. I knew he’d love it. Though we felt awful for the away team from Ohio. Those girls got creamed! Seriously.

Sunday was filled with minor accomplishments. Getting my ass to the gym. Washing a few loads of laundry. Finishing the book I’d been reading. Realizing that car dealerships aren’t open on Sundays. Obsessing over used cars on the internets instead. Hopefully that’s one stressful To Do item that can be crossed off the list soon. Today I test drove a car and put down a deposit to hold it. Now I’ve just got to finalize the financing and get some car insurance set up and that baby will be mine. Along with the headache of monthly payments. Yay, back to the anxiety attacks!

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