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The Spectrum of Human Reality

OMG OMG tomorrow tickets go on sale for Flight of the Conchords! They’ll be at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis. Their show is the same night as M.I.A., but she’s playing out in the burbs at the creepy Myth Nightclub, so no thank you. I’ll see my beautiful kiwi boys instead.

Five good things:

  • It’s been one year since I took in little miss Olive! Her first few months with us were blissful. She seemed so relaxed and happy. And then I had to eff things up by taking in Freddy. Sigh.
  • I would love to play with Casio’s new Exilim EX-F1 camera - c’mon, 60 shots per second? Motion sensor activated? Cool! But at $1000 I probably won’t be picking one up any time soon.
  • Two friends have started new blogs, Gwen with a photography blog and Shane’s with his Vegan Caliente.
  • A friend bought a block of Teese Cheese from Chicago Soy Dairy and turned it into all sorts of interesting looking things. I’m not a huge fan of vegan cheese, but I’d like to try it sometime. Apparently it melts.
  • Not sure how I feel about flickr video just yet, but when I was reading about it on the flickr blog I noticed some of the upcoming community events. The all night photo shoot in Paris sounds awesome!
day 100, I've got teh crazy

Bonus: Planet B-Boy, a documentary about the evolution of breakdancing, is opening at the Landmark Theaters. Yet another movie I can take the little man to see!
Plus: Thao Nguyen will be featured on Morning Becomes Eclectic today.
And: At the library yesterday I could not resist picking up the most ridiculous-looking DVD ever. An 80s movie called Sword of the Valiant, featuring Sean Connery strutting about in a shiny green costume complete with glitter paint and a metallic codpiece, with his furry belly exposed. Wowza.

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