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Like Sliding Off a Cliff

Before our vacation I’d been feeling overwhelmed, in general, and had been worrying about the little man in particular. But I took advantage of our new health insurance to make an appointment with an in-network pediatric psychologist. This morning was our getting-to-know-you session. She was incredibly reassuring, offering up a fresh perspective and some sound suggestions. When discussing my son’s coordination problems - he often trips over his own feet and falls down - she observed that it seems like he just needs to slow down. If he were more deliberate it might alleviate a lot of problems. Advice that applies to my own life just as much.

I like the lights

Bonus: Oh what a tease the Oktapodi site is! There’s a bit more up at cartoon brew, but I want to see the entire animated short.
Plus: This week is pretty quiet, thankfully, but soon there will be a slew of good shows happening. Next week Caribou is playing at the Triple Rock. Then the Varsity Theater will be hosting Man Man one night and Saul Williams the next. And A Silver Mt. Zion a few weeks after that.
And: The other day J was over. I was sitting on my favorite piece of furniture, which he called my “chouch” - like a combo chair/couch. Perhaps the term chaise is unknown to him, but chouch is still making me giggle. He also pointed out this video clip of a Home Made DS. Neat.

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