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The Mystery of the Rainbow

Motivation has been hard to come by while we’re stuck in a rut of endless cold rain, mixed with snow. But I’ll take this over polar arctic vortex cold any day. And we have managed to get some tasks completed. Maybe not the right ones. This past weekend we prioritized art projects over packing and preparing for our move next month. But we finished our pinatas for Cinco de Mayhem! Delivering our fragile paper mache creations in the rain was a nerve-wracking experience last night, but we had encased them in cardboard boxes wrapped in plastic bags and taped it all up tight so they survived their relocation. And our relationships are still intact, despite some minor disputes and creative differences (it took our household of three humans all weekend to create the two pinatas).

Five good things for today:

Tonight I’m taking a break from stress-y things to indulge in some much-needed laughter. The unlikely comedian Hari Kondabolu will be performing at The Cedar Cultural Center.

Comic Hari Kondabolu’s album Waiting for 2042 is a reference to the year the Census Bureau projects whites will be the minority in the U.S. “Don’t worry, white people,” he says. “You were a minority when you came to this country. Things seemed to have worked out for you.”

Kondabolu has an M.A. in human rights and was working as an immigrant rights’ organizer - important work - before his stand-up career took off. But I feel like he’s still doing amazing outreach work, and reaching a much wider audience now through comedy, considering much of his material focuses on racism and colonialism while still being funny. A pretty amazing feat.


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