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Deep Inside the Light

Hari Kondabolu was just as hilarious as I’d expected him to be. And dang, did I ever need that. The local openers were super funny as well. I’ll definitely check out Brandi Brown and Raghav Mehta again sometime. And you should too!

Five random things for this Thor’s Day:

Wowza this weekend is going to be CRAZY. Saturday morning we’ll be all about Free Comic Book Day, of course. Particularly at The Source because that’s where the most costumed people hang out. Our apartment is being shown, yet again, at noon so we have to be out but that shouldn’t be a problem. We’re also being interviewed about our pinatas for Cinco de Mayhem at some point during the day. Then we’ve got a vegan-friendly spring potluck to check out before doubling back for the big event itself, to bear witness to our masterpieces being smashed to smithereens. Then Sunday is Heart of the Beast’s annual May Day celebration! They are looking for volunteers. But we’ll be too busy visiting with friends. Hopefully the weather will be warmer or at least dry by then.


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