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The Staggering Immensity of Time

Often I try to remind myself of the Cosmic Calendar and that I’m just a puny human on this miniscule floating rock, hurtling through space, whose life is just a tiny little blip. Thank you, Cosmos. But it’s still easy to get wrapped up in daily life. Last weekend should have been spent dismantling our home, in earnest. But it feels like there’s never enough time, funds are low and stress levels are HIGH. My boyfriend has been putting in a lot of overtime at work (unpaid), staying late daily and going in on the weekends. I’ve been scrambling to get all of my bases covered financially. We knew this month would be painful. We paid rent twice - for our current apartment and the one we are moving into. On top of a full month’s rent for damage deposit. And we’ve begun purchasing items for the new place and I’ve reserved a moving truck. Naturally payment is due soon for summer camp too. EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE. So I needed a little break from tearing my hair out this past weekend and gave in to good times with my son. Saturday we kicked things off with an advanced screening of Legends of Oz, in 3D (not very good but free). Then hit up two comic book shops for Free Comic Book Day. Then stopped by a lovely outdoor potluck (I made sweet potato/black bean enchiladas). And ended the day with the endurance test of Cinco De Mayhem. We were there for five hours watching pinata after pinata be destroyed. My son’s Jack Skellington was somewhere in the middle while my teeny little Totoro was second to last. And popped open with one good whack.

Now for four great things and one stupid one:

This weekend I plan to give the household my thorough attention. Moving boxes and packing tape have been acquired. Purging has begun. I’ve photographed some items to be sold or given away. I’ve even got my first eBay listing up in years, and it’s doing well. Naturally I was just offered a wedding to shoot at the last minute, on Saturday. It’s tempting to say yes because we could use the money but I’m in one of those “time is money” modes and the moving house countdown has begun.

When I saw this I got Hall & Oates "Private Eye" stuck in my head. Watching you, watching you

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