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Monthly Archives: July 2006

The Road to Brain-Crushing Anxiety

Feeling stressed, on multiple fronts, and badly in need of a vacation. A real one. Where I actually flee, and, get to, you know, leave town for a while. It doesn’t have to mean leaving on a jet plane. A road trip would suffice. But it’s not in the cards just yet. And this morning [...]

A Sense of Fitting Into the Landscape

Ok, I kind of lied. Or over-exaggerated. When I said we were doing nearly nothing over the long holiday weekend. We’ve been doing plenty, really…just haven’t left town to do any of it. Now I will proceed to back up my claims.

In the morning the little man had a playdate with Oliver and his sis [...]

Irrationality of the Thought Process

I’m still here. In fact, we’re doing nearly nothing over this long holiday weekend. I’ve just been feeling sort of…blah. Uninspired and milquetoast. Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s all the random noise bursts in my overactive brain. I do have several partially written posts saved, but I can’t quite get them to the finish [...]