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Thinking and Doing Are Different Things

This heatwave has left me feeling uninspired and defeated. I didn’t make it to see Low last night. They were playing at midnight, and I was in bed around 8pm. I’d intended to just have a little lie down, then head downtown around 11pm. But we all know how that goes. At least the first half of the day was productive. I was up early taking care of the mundane details, like laundry and dishes, prior to our playdate with the wonderful Rena and her lovely children (my lad got on quite well with Little C, I thought - we’ll have to do it again some time). Then we headed to the little man’s swimming lesson. He has been making progress lately and is getting much, much closer to actual swimming. Afterwards I asked him where he wanted to go. His reply? California. Yeah, the Bay Area is sounding pretty good right about now, but that’s too bad kid…we’re broke, and first grade starts on Monday. We settled for lunch at Pizza Luce instead.

And now I have to figure out how we’re going to endure the remainder of the weekend. For once we have no plans. A leisurely weekend spent puttering about the house would sound appealing…if it weren’t for the heat advisory combined with our lack of central air. We do have two sad little window units, but the thought of spending all weekend in a) the computer room and/or b) our bedroom is dispiriting. And anywhere I can think to take our little family (various museums, indoor playgrounds, etc.) is likely to be overrun with other families also seeking to escape the heat. Even so, I think we might venture to Minneapolis to return books to the Central Library, and visit the Midtown Global Market. Also intriguing, the Mill City Museum’s new Farmer’s Market - “a new produce market focused on local, seasonal, sustainable and organic foods” - but that’s outdoors, in the blazing heat. Yes, I am a wuss and I will likely save that for a milder Saturday morning.

If only there were some movies out we could all enjoy. A Scanner Darkly may be animated, but it’s not for the little man and Wordplay would likely bore him to tears. I’d consider a last minute attempt to enlist our babysitter, but would hate to subject her to the current stuffy stinkiness of our home. But enough stalling. Before we make any kind of escape, I should probably shower…

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  1. Rena wrote:

    You are too kind! We’d love to get together whenever an open Friday pops up for you both! Jerabek’s sounds like a good-nostalgic meeting place.

    Thursday, July 20, 2006 at 7:26 am | Permalink

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