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A Valuable Intangible

Yesterday I spoke with my son’s case manager at the new school for nearly an hour. She acknowledged that things have gone poorly. Balls have been dropped. They’ve seen a lot of turnover in the special ed department and they are short staffed. She apologized profusely. While the apology was appreciated I have not been instilled with confidence about their ability to properly serve my son. Keeping on top of things with them is turning into another full-time job. But who else is going to advocate on my child’s behalf? I’m trying to raise a well-rounded, self-reliant young man. This new school isn’t helping. If they continue to be a hindrance I’m going to have to explore other options. I’d hoped we’d hit the ground running for 7th grade. But now we are trailing way behind. Major bummer.

Let’s switch gears to today’s five good things:

Tomorrow is my son’s last day as a 12 year old (he’s been counting down all week). Tonight I’m taking him to an animated short film festival. And we’ll be celebrating his birthday all weekend long because that’s how we roll (I love birthdays). And hopefully next week his new school will be better able to serve his 13 year old self.


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