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Mental Hygiene

It was back to work with a bang yesterday morning! A long-estranged family member called my place of employment…and left a message about my brother. Who has been dead for over 20 years. After that intrusion I found my inbox held around 900 new messages to wade through. Even so, I was happy to be among my people. And happier still to be home after work, where I could cook many fine Fall foods (despite the summer-like weather). I baked a loaf of multi-grain bread while making mashed potatoes/parsnips and roasting some golden beets, which I served on a bed of fresh spinach.

Other items of note:

When I was at Quimby’s in Chicago I bought my son a book. A book I thought he’d really enjoy. He loved the underrated Iron Giant so much, and we both been into robot-related things for so long, but after reading The Gigantic Robot together? He looked at me and said “mom, that was SAD. Why’d you get me such a sad book?” Honey, sometimes life is sad. Last night he read a Star Wars novelization instead. I kept wanting to shout “It’s A Trap!” at him but that wouldn’t have been very helpful.

Personally I could really go for a quiet weekend of hiding out, curled up with one of my new book purchases, but I’ll be doing something very different instead. Promoting myself/my photography at St. Paul’s Art Crawl. Eep! This is my first time participating. Wish me luck!

orange face on W. Chicago, near Ashland

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