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Magic and Mayhem

The other day I stumbled across a trailer for a movie I can relate to. Who Does She Think She Is? is “a 2008 American documentary film about the societal push for women to choose between art and motherhood and the struggle a group of female artists face in attempting to reconcile both parts of their lives.” Curious to see it now, especially as I prepare to balance a winter of the day job, ensuring the kid’s school transition is successful, and getting ready for a few art shows (including some collaborations with the boyfriend).

Five good and/or interesting items for this Thursday:

  • In honor of Jon Stewart’s upcoming Rally to Restore Sanity, Salon nominates a few fine folks. Including the shirtless skateboarder who put a would-be flaming pastor in his place with his “simple, direct common-sense action. Non-violent, casual, calm. Problem solved.”
  • Poster Offensive 5 is right around the corner! History of, for the unfamiliar: “Poster Offensive was created by Jeff Johnson, owner and creative director of Spunk Design Machine, as a direct response to the re-election of George W. Bush as President of the United States in 2004.”
  • Artist Spotlight: Alan Macdonald - “The commercialization of heaven, or what 17th century painters know about Diet Coke that we don’t.” More can be found on his site.
  • I enjoy Doctor Who as much as the next guy/gal, but someone a little too obsessed is blogging the minutiae of Amy Pond’s outfits.
  • In more news of sci-fi nerds clashing with reality…From a Klingon Armory to a Defendant’s Cache: “When federal agents raided a home in central New Jersey on Wednesday, they discovered nothing short of a private armory, with pistols and rifles hidden throughout its 25-plus rooms. But they found something else — something, it would become clear later, that should give earthlings pause.” (it was a Volkoth Battle Sword replica)

The boy is on his annual school break for MEA. In past years I’ve taken this opportunity to spend some time with him up in Duluth but couldn’t afford it this go around. The silver lining? His grandmother happens to be in town, consulting for her former employer. And will have some free time to take the kiddo overnight at her hotel. They’re planning to go out for Thai food, swim in the hotel pool and watch The Karate Kid remake. Not too shabby.

I can't get enough of the Fall color

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