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The Quicker It Hits You

The last week or so I’ve had a recurring dream…of the house I grew up in. The upstairs, in particular, where my brother’s room was. Until his senior year, that is, when he went away to die horribly in the hospital. He was still seventeen when diagnosed with leukemia and eighteen when it killed him. His bedroom was left untouched for the first few years after his death, like a shrine. And it appears in my dreams frequently. Today he would have turned forty. He has been dead longer than he lived but I still grieve for him. Even more so than I do for Felix, the son I lost. But I never got to know my stillborn son whereas Tom was my brother, friend and confidante for the first fifteen years of my life. As long as I live Tom will never be forgotten.

Five good things my brother would have enjoyed:

Had Tom lived I’m sure his world have expanded. As he grew up and evolved he would have a great many more interests. But there are some things that nerds like us will always enjoy. I think of him when my co-workers bust out their tabletop role playing games. And he’ll be on my mind as my son and I attend Saturday’s FallCon comic book convention. I wish he could join us.

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