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When the Sun Comes Up

Last night I took a little time out. Ran some errands after work. Had a quiet meal alone at home, while watching an episode of Castle (in which Nathan Fillion was reunited with guest star Adam Baldwin and it made me miss Firefly even more). And then everything fell into place. My ex dropped my son off. While we were all standing on the front porch together I noticed the mail had been delivered. I grabbed a stack of envelopes and noticed one in particular, on top. I opened the letter. From our first choice school letting us know Parker has been accepted for the Fall. Phew! A huge relief. And it felt good to find out together, as a family, cobbled-together such as it is.

Five good things for this extra bloggity week:

  • I found out about this amazing weekend of Comics, Philosophy & Practice happening next month in Chicago. But registration is closed because of the “overwhelming” response. Well, duh. Did you see this line-up? Everyone from Lynda Barry to R. Crumb and Gary Panter and Daniel Clowes and Joe Sacco and Art Spiegelman and Chris Ware. Craziness.
  • I’ve seen this done before but I particularly like the execution of this series - “Adding Monsters to Thrift Store Paintings
  • This is spot on and hilarious: We’re Not Young (a parody of Fun’s We Are Young)
  • While I’m not a huge sports fan I do have a soft spot for the Twins. And I just learned about a way to enjoy the home games that doesn’t involve going into the stadium. I can plunk ass down in Fulton’s Tap Room, right next to the stadium, and enjoy the offerings of various food trucks. Yes please.
  • An ok problem to have? Too many good movie options in this town! I still haven’t gotten to the film fest. And the Walker is in the middle of their Lawrence Kasdan series. And there’s the Trylon, now awarded “Best Theater” by City Pages. And international action movie mayhem makes its way to the Lagoon this weekend with The Raid. TOO MUCH AWESOME.

Though it’s only mid-week I’m getting really excited about Record Store Day on Saturday. I’ll be bouncing back and forth between Hymie’s (music starting bright and early at 10:30am with a marching band) and Yeti Records (music starting at 1pm) all day. Come out to support your local record stores, and your local bands!

Pete, about to drop some jujitsu knowledge on my son

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